Science Defined

Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) - Building blocks of tooth mineral

The most reactive and soluble calcium phosphate compound, ACP forms on the tooth enamel, within the dentinal tubules and provides a calcium and phosphate reservoir. Research shows that available ACP on the enamel can prevent damaging erosion by stimulating remineralization of tooth structure. Introducing calcium and phosphate back into the surface of the tooth with products containing ACP technology is an ideal strategy to reverse the demineralization process.

The ACP-forming ingredients also strengthen teeth by acting as an enhanced fluoride delivery system to deliver more fluoride than products without ACP. The patient has the benefit of fluoride uptake without greater exposure to higher fluoride concentrations or volumes. ACP combines with fluoride to desensitize dentin. Fluoride, along with ACP, occludes tubules by depositing tooth-like minerals to create a semi-permanent reduction in hydraulic conductance. This is a proven mechanism to reduce dentinal hypersensitivity.



Ultramulsion® is a patented composition with unique properties benefiting your patients by providing a long-lasting coating that lubricates and soothes the soft tissues of the mouth. Ultramulsion may provide improved therapeutic performance by enhancing substantivity.


Spilanthes, a natural herb, encourages salivary flow and heightens flavor. This distinctive ingredient allows for the natural protective properties of the patient’s saliva to maintain equilibrium. Spilanthes offers a tingling pleasure-sensation while stimulating the saliva for a refreshing and revitalizing finish.


All patients can benefit from Enamelon!